How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging

by Raven Harman | Last Updated: June 1, 2022

The laptop has become a very important part of our lives. As technology is updating day by day so the use of the laptop is also increasing.  Some people are very fond of machines. They want to know everything about their machines. Just like this when they buy a laptop they want to know how many watts does a laptop use when charging.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging

A laptop is used everywhere, in offices, colleges, and homes. Nowadays buying a laptop is not a big problem but using it is. Usage of the watts is important for a budget family.  Technology is the biggest source of usage of watts. This is also the reason why people want to know about the use of watts by a laptop.

How many watts does a laptop use when charging?

Frankly, answering this question is not easy like it seems to be. Use of watts when charging for your laptop depends on many factors. If you want a quick answer then generally, a laptop uses 60 watts.

Before discussing factors on which watts are used during charging depends upon I would like to tell you that I will tell you general factors and charging watts. Nowadays many brands of laptops are building laptops that use less power. But don’t forget, on the other hand, some laptops use more watts than a normal laptop.

Now let’s discuss factors for energy usage during charging by a laptop

Multiple factors should know before determining how many watts does a laptop use when charging.


  1. Type of laptop
  2. Graphics Card
  3. Adapter wattage
  4. CPU
  5. A few other parts

Type of Laptop

The main and first factor is you have to check is what type of laptop you are using. Laptops are of multiple types like normal, gaming, or high-end.

Normal laptops generally use 60 watts per hour when charging. Normal laptops are being used in homes or some public offices.

Now we talk about gaming and high-end laptops. These laptops usually have a long and good battery. These types of laptops use much more watts than a normal laptop. They use more than 100 watts per hour.

Graphics Card

It should be clear if you have a higher-end Graphics card then it will use more watts. . A high-end GPU is used for high-end games. This provides classical visuals. This is actually for gaming laptops. A good GPU has a good CPU and a good battery. More, it has a wonderful display. When we gather these all then it uses more energy or watts.

A budget laptop has an average GPU. These graphics cards provide normal graphics in a laptop that’s why it will use normal watts.

Adapter Wattage

Every laptop has a different adapter. A laptop with a big screen uses more watts. Like if a laptop has a 15-inch screen then it will come with a 60 W charger.

If a laptop has a 17-inch screen then it comes with 90 W. It is understood 90 W chargers will use more watts than 60 W chargers.


CPU is necessary for running any program and application on a laptop. CPU is the brain of any laptop. When a laptop has a good CPU then it will perform very well. When the CPU will work better then it will consume a good amount of energy for charging the battery in the form of watts. This energy will help the laptop to run properly.

A few Other Parts

Multiple parts in the laptop consume watts but no one notices them. Like if we start downloading, surfing the internet without any reason, loudspeaker, and display screen, etc.

These parts are the cause of pressure for any laptop. They affect battery life when we use these while charging.

If you want to know the actual no. of used watts for a laptop during charging power off the laptop then note this because by this there will no pressure on the laptop.

Tips for Less consumption of watts by a charging

Many people understand that how many watts does a laptop use when charging but don’t know what to do to less consumption of energy by a laptop. But don’t worry I will give you some tips that will help you to save watts.

Is there any instrument to check the usage of watts?

Yes, some tools can determine the usage of watts per hour for a laptop.

How to use this instrument?

It is very easy. Just attach that plug-in energy and power monitor to the laptop and note the given reading.

Can a 90 W charger be used for 60 W?

The simple and short answer is “Yes”.


I hope you have read about how many watts a laptop uses when charging. I explained very simply and shortly. Let’s revise the important things at last. 1st, a normal laptop use approximately 60 Watts/hr, 2nd some factors also affect usage of the watts on a laptop, and 3rd, use tips for less usage of the watts.

Don’t forget it and if anyone from your family or friend circle wants to know about the usage of watts by a laptop then you can share this article with him/her. Thanks!