How To Track Stolen Laptop with Serial Number

by Raven Harman | Last Updated: June 2, 2022

The laptop is a basic piece of us since they convey a ton of our information. They hold important data that makes life simpler. At the point when my PC disappeared out traveling endlessly from my home express, the main thing that rings a bell was all the information and individual data I’ll miss. Next, I understood that I thought nothing about how to follow a lost PC.

To exacerbate the situation, I was not attacked. I felt idiotic and imbecilic for having no reasonable thought of how to follow a taken PC with a chronic number as it would have been a type of quick intercession.

Track Stolen Laptop with Serial Number

On the off chance that your PC has been taken (most dire outcome imaginable) or you just lost, everything trust isn’t lost. The circumstance, however startling, happens to pay little heed to the amount you deal with your PC. While it is justifiable that a portion of the occasions encompassing this condition happen so quickly and may not be controlled, with the correct assistance, you can follow your gadget without a PC following equipment.

If you utilize one, you should realize how to follow a lost PC. This article centers around how to follow a taken PC with a chronic number just as different advances you can follow to monitor a taken gadget.


We as a whole trust in the best and do whatever it takes not to anticipate the most noticeably awful. It is following this that you should take some prudent steps. Record the chronic number of each gadget you own, including your PC. Your gadgets are continually sending their chronic number to the supplier’s organization, empowering them to remember them immediately.

Undoubtedly, your chronic number can’t find your gadget’s exact area, nonetheless, if you call your supplier to educate them regarding the robbery. They can without much of a stretch perceive the gadget immediately.

Some client assistance administrations from producers additionally gather the chronic number when you sign in a protest about your taken PC even though the details of your equipment guarantee say that the organization doesn’t ensure recuperation. Likewise, on the off chance that you make a police report, they utilize such explicit data to affirm their discoveries.


Login to your gadget through your Microsoft record to get your Find my gadget working.

Using Gmail (Step 2)

Would you be able to track a stolen laptop using a serial number?

A PC’s chronic number is an essential type of ID even though they’re generally figures. They are a type of character for the gadget. Although they just go similar to prompt acknowledgment, they can be helpful for the police report, protection, and second-hand store grumblings when actual contact happens. It is hard to follow your taken PC with a chronic number as it were.

Normally, this data might be utilized close by others to follow the gadget if you choose to utilize the following programming.


In the disastrous situation that you did a manufacturing plant reset for your PC before it was taken, there is a way.

For example, when the cheat attempts to utilize the Internet on your PC, the framework sends it to a distant worker. Or then again, a government operative programming takes photos of the hoodlum, sends them an admonition message, and even bypass a few firewalls distantly, along these lines helping you pin an area to progressing exercises. These are conceivable with a production line reset.