How To Make Laptop Faster for Gaming Windows 10

by Raven Harman | Last Updated: June 1, 2022

If you have recently installed Windows 10 on your laptop and you are facing lagging issues while gaming? Or, Are you not getting the expected performance? Then, Don’t Worry. You have jumped into the right place. Here we have detailed 5 ways to let you know how to make a laptop faster for gaming Windows 10?

How To Make Laptop Faster for Gaming Windows 10

Here is the overview of the 5 ways to increase gaming performance

When it comes to operating systems, Windows 10 is the first and favorite choice of gamers. Microsoft has done an amazing job of enhancing the operating systems and customizing them for the requirements of the gaming community.

Windows 10 OS delivers high frame rates and the best gaming performance. Windows 10 assist as a foundation for graphics cards, which are very important in terms of gaming. It supports every game as well as features a game mode. To take the most out of it, you need to know how to make a laptop faster for gaming Windows 10. It is crucial for your laptop to be faster for the best gaming experience.

Why my laptop is slow on Windows 10?

From the vigorous collection of data to required updates, Windows 10 has fairly extracted a lot of appreciation from every reviewer. However, with its updated features and new sleek layout, it may also suffer slow performance. Whether it happens consistently or suddenly, working with a slow laptop can be extremely frustrating.

It’s quite surprising how things slow down even if you are pretty careful with the maintenance of your laptop. If you are worried about why my laptop is slow on Windows 10, this post is for you. Following are some major reasons why is your laptop slow:

How to make a laptop faster for gaming Windows 10?

In the modern era of gaming, PC gaming has become the most popular activity. And when it comes to the operating system, Windows 10 is no exception. The gaming performance of a laptop can be affected by the CPU, hard disk, graphics card, memory, network, and many more.

Windows 10 is best for a better gaming experience but some advantages can take this experience to a whole new level. Here are several ways about how to make your laptop faster for gaming Windows 10.

1). Enabling Windows 10 Game Mode

Windows 10 game mode is a built-in tool of this system. It is a simple and quick way to enhance your gaming performance. This mode was released in the latest releases of operating systems. It is designed to optimize the gaming performance by addressing more resources of the system to the games.

The Game mode also keeps the programs such as Windows Update, away from dominating system resources while gaming. To find the game mode settings: press Windows key + I. Then type game mode in the search box and click game mode settings. In the settings menu, click on game mode to turn it on. If your laptop supports the game mode, it will make your gaming faster.

2). Disabling Nagle’s Algorithm

Nagle’s Algorithm is a way to optimize the efficiency of TCP/IP networks and bundles the data packets. That is to say, decreasing the number of packets that need to be sent over the network. This process can affect your internet connection and makes it slightly unstable. Disabling Nagle’s Algorithm on your laptop can cause some latency issues while playing games.

To disable the Nagle’s Algorithm, open the Windows Registry Editor by pressing Windows + Q. Then type Regedit and open the regedit file. In address bar paste or type the path written below: \SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interface. It will then conduct you to the folder which contains folders with many letters and numbers.

Match your IP address to access the right file. If you want to find your IP address, click on Windows key + x. Open Windows Power Shell and enter ipconfig. To identify the IP address of your laptop, search for the IPv4 address. Now you can match the folder with your correct IP address.

Then Right-click on the tracked folder and select the New DWORD value. You will have to create two of DWORD values. TCPAckFrequency and TCPNoDelay. Set the parameters of both to 1. And Nagle’s Algorithm is successfully disabled.

3). Install DirectX 12

DirectX 12 is the most vital application for anyone who wants to play games on Windows 10. It is the application that the game uses to communicate with your laptop and tell it what to do. The DirectX 12 is a massive improvement over its predecessor, the DirectX 11. It provides the ability for GPUs to draw resources from the CPU, and enhancing the graphical effects, increasing frame rates, and lower power consumption.

Several tests have shown a 90-300% difference in gaming performance between DirectX 12 and 11. To take the most out of it, the game needs to have support for this version. The list of such games is extending every day as developers are adopting this version rapidly.

To check if you have support for the latest DirectX version, press Windows key + R and then type dxdiag and click ok. The Diagnostic tools for DirectX will be opened. And if you don’t have DirectX 12, then you need to install it. Its installation process will take up to few minutes. Then click on Windows key + I and open Update and security.

In the Windows, tab click on check for updates. And now wait for the installation to finish. Once it is installed, it will automatically optimize settings for games in Windows 10.

4). Adjust Visual Effect Settings

There are multiple visual effects in the Graphical user interface of Windows 10. However, most background graphics that are turned on by default can be a hindrance to the processing power of your laptop while the game is running. One way to make your laptop faster for gaming in Windows 10 is to cut some of the graphics settings or even all.

To do this press Windows key + I and type performance. Now Click on adjust the performance and appearance of Windows. Select Adjust for the best performance. After that, move to the Advanced tab and verify that settings are applied to the program. Once you have finished all the processes, the visual effect settings will change automatically and the performance of the laptop will be improved.

5). Managing Active Hours

Windows 10 can install updated and reboot the laptop even in the middle of gaming without asking permission. And such a situation can be very disappointing, especially if you are a competitive gamer and this exit can affect your teammates, ranking, and your laptop’s performance. These downloads of updates can also affect the memory of your PC.

To prevent such unplanned exits, you should disable the automatic updates. There is another way of doing so for better gaming performance in Windows 10. The other effective way is to set the Active Hours. By setting the Active Hours, you can designate the working and gaming schedule in Windows. You can also prevent the Windows from auto-updating and rebooting. To set the Active Hours press Windows key + I to open the settings. Select Update and Security and select change active hours.

Now set the start and end times according to your requirements. Once you have set, click on save. By setting the Active Hours, the laptop will not reboot automatically in the Active Hours and you will not be interrupted during the gameplay. Thus, the gaming performance will be improved.

Wrap Up

As for how to make laptop faster for gaming Windows 10, this post has shown 5 ways. If you want to improve your gaming performance as well as your gaming experience, try these ways. Windows 10 is the best OS to play games on. It offers the best gaming performance and higher frame rates. And optimizing your laptop for Windows 10 can take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

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