Is a Gaming Laptop Good for Photoshop and Illustrator?

by Raven Harman | Last Updated: June 1, 2022

Do you want to use your gaming laptop for creating awesome graphic designs? Are you wondering whether or not a gaming laptop is good for Photoshop and Illustrator?

We have the perfect answer for you right here. We’ll give you 10 reasons why you should use a gaming laptop for graphic design in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Is a Gaming Laptop Good for Photoshop and Illustrator

Playing games feels like heaven. Recent advancements in technology have enabled game developers to create exciting PC games on interesting topics with immaculate graphics, thrilling stories, action, and sound effects. Gamers have started taking interest in open-world games during the past two decades since the dawn of games like GTA and the Mafia series. Game developers now pay more attention to launching open-world games on different topics. These games are extremely engaging to play.

When it comes to graphics designing then you normally need to look for the best laptop for graphic design. “Can I use a gaming laptop for graphic design or not?” is a question that quite often comes to mind. We have the perfect answer for you which will explain the answer deeply. So, without wasting time, let’s explore it.

Is a gaming laptop good for graphic design in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator?

To be honest with you, “YES” is the definitive answer to this question. Gaming laptops are fully featured making them the right choice for high-end graphic design applications like Photoshop or Illustrator. If you have a gaming laptop, then you’re in a good shape to start your work without wasting money.

Because in such a scenario, there is no reason that you should buy a laptop for graphic design. Are you surprised to hear that? Don’t be, we have 10 facts that will convert your wonder into fun.

Why is a gaming laptop good for graphic design? – [8 reasons you must know]

If you want to know why a gaming laptop is good for graphic design then this section is purely made for you. In this part, we’ll be giving you 8solid reasons and logic why you should prefer using a gaming laptop for doing graphic and multimedia jobs.

Some power pack features of gaming laptops perfectly explain the answer to your question “can a gaming laptop be used for graphic design or not?”.

Gaming laptops are quite tough!

Well, to be honest, gaming laptops are tailor-made for extensive usage. So, gaming laptop manufacturers take durability as a challenge. The high-quality plastic material is used for manufacturing gaming laptops, which gives your laptop the necessary strength and durability. Even with minor care, such laptops can last for years.

The last thing you don’t want as a graphic designer is to change your laptop once every year. You’ll prefer using a durable one because it is budget-friendly. This makes gaming laptops best for graphic design, video editing, and other multimedia work.

Ultra-fast performance

If you are a content writer then you can bear a slow laptop but for gaming and graphics design speed is a must-have. Apart from speed, there are several other features commonly needed by gamers and graphic designers. We’ll be discussing these features in the coming sections.

Gaming laptops house high-end, speedy and reliable processors or CPU(s). A gaming laptop might contain the latest Core i9 processors while others might come with a Core i7 processor or i5 one.

Besides this, any good gaming laptop has 8-12 GB standard RAM, which is further extendable. All gaming laptops contain SSDThe type of processor and RAM capacity varies from one model to another. With this specification, you can easily work with multiple applications. This can make you more productive and relaxed.

You’ll be amazed to know that recommended RAM requirement for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is 16 GB. Have a look at the system requirements for Adobe Photoshop.

These specifications are rich enough to enable you to use a gaming laptop for graphic designing and video editing. Moreover, the specifications of modern graphic designing or video-editing packages are perfectly compatible with gaming laptop hardware configurations.

High-end Graphics

To give you the ultimate gaming experience, gaming laptops are equipped with dedicated graphic cards. These graphic cards are pre-configured and offer you many features. First of all, the quality of shadows, textures, and object details depend upon the graphic cards.

Without high-quality graphics, you aren’t able to take interest in games. Secondly, graphic cards take off the processing load from the main processor and RAM. This results in enhancing a laptop’s performance.

On Windows operating system, Adobe corporation has recommended a 4 GB dedicated graphics card for smooth usage of Adobe Photoshop software. Adobe Illustrator system requirements also suggest a minimum 1 GB dedicated graphic card while recommended graphic card is 4 GB.

Normal laptops usually don’t support high-end graphic cards. Using graphic card packages is difficult on these sorts of laptops. On the majority of laptops, you’ll face hardware compatibility issues. Similarly, using these software packages on normal laptops isn’t going to give you a good user experience.

You’ll face lagging and performance issues. That’s why using a gaming laptop for graphic design is the most favorable option.

Impressive Storage

One of the key features of gaming laptops is their storage capacity. Tell you honestly, you get ample storage capacity in this kind of laptop. Modern PC games require a good 20 GB or more storage nowadays. Plus, gamers install multiple games on their PCs so that they don’t get bored. Hence, storage is a must-have.

Storage can be a real plus for you if you’re planning to use a gaming laptop for graphic design. Installing multiple graphic design packages isn’t a problem if you have handy storage space available. You can download graphic designing resources like backgrounds, presets, and sample work without worrying about storage space. Similarly, you might want to keep the past work of your clients, which is always handy.

Screen Resolution

Modern gaming laptops provide high-quality displays by providing you full HD or even ultra-HD screens offering up to 8K resolutions. This sort of resolution is really impressive and you can get the most out of it while creating graphics. With this resolution and colors, you can minutely see your images and identify glitches easily.

Extended Battery Life

People buy gaming laptops to enjoy gaming. You don’t want to plug in your laptop charger 24 hours a day. Playing games while traveling is another amazing experience. Gaming laptops are made by keeping your ease of mobility in mind. So, you can expect battery backup for a good number of hours. Normally, laptop batteries are consumed quite fast if you’re playing a game.

Amazingly, you can take advantage of this gigantic battery backup and work as a mobile graphic designer too. We’re pretty much sure that you’ll get an extended battery backup while you’re working with graphic design packages like Adobe or Corel.

Responsive Touchpad and Keyboard

For high-end graphic design, you may need fast and precise pointer movements. Apart from pointer movements, you also need to execute various commands via the keyboard. All the graphic design software packages follow the same working mechanism: Point, Select, and Task. This mechanism is very much the same as with games.

Have you ever played third-person shooting games? You need to use both a mouse and keyboard for performing different types of actions. Our experts have tested hundreds of laptops from different manufacturers. The good news is that touchpads and keyboards of gaming laptops show better performance as compared to standard laptops. Touchpads are highly sensitive to finger gestures and keys are super-soft. With this feature in hand, you can do wonders if you are working in Adobe or Corel.

Superfine Cooling System

Just like a car, a highly effective cooling system is a must-have for every laptop. Standard laptops normally have a single fan to drain out the heat from the laptop body. The cooling system of a workstation or gaming laptop is far more sophisticated and reliable as compared to a standard laptop. You can even find two fans and multiple fan vents in different models of gaming laptops.

Modern laptops also use liquid cooling systems. Graphic design especially 3D animations, simulations, and video rendering generate a considerable amount of heat. So, if you have a high-performance cooling system then this is a real plus point for you.

Wrap Up

The answer to your question that “is a gaming laptop good for Photoshop or Illustrator?” is YES. Our experts have recommended using gaming laptops for graphic design, animation, and video editing.

Features like processing power, superior graphics, and cooling systems make gaming laptops excellent contenders for multimedia work. Although you can use software like Adobe and Corel. Gaming laptops are durable ones and we’re sure that these can furnish you for years if you use these laptops with care.