Dell XPS 17 (2021) Reviews

by Zaryoun | Last Updated: December 9, 2020

The Dell company recently introduced us to his latest edition of the notebook series which named Dell XPS 17 (2021). This product amazingly beat all the left competent products as it comes with top-notch features. Most importantly, this machine comes with a 17-inch display that attracts most users.

dell xps 17

Such an HD display of a notebook produces a massive positive impact on the audience. The new model also supports the section of update language which redesigned through XPS 13 9380 plus the 2021 mode supports the DNA section as well.

It is a compelling product for anyone who wants to get entertainment by doing video editing, movie streaming, or other such tasks. The supporting system of NVIDIA technology utilizes distinct graphics for processing, but it doesn’t support any display to connect with.

You need to turn the BIOS switch in the case to use the graphic processor 24 by 7. The XPS 17 is an ultimate powerhouse as it comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 1Tb SSD, 32GB RAM. The 17-inch panel wisely pressed into a 14.7-inch case.

The laptop incorporates a screen to body ratio of 93.6% with a 16:10 rate, which implies the XPS 17 monitor includes a resolution of 3820 x 2400 rather than your standard 4 K panel (3840 x 2160), making it one of the very best resolution displays on the market.

Since the panel is created of Corning Gorilla Glass-6 which makes it hard enough to break, best of all, the XPS 17 supports the anti-reflective coating, despite the glossy view, which permits it to look clearly from each angle.

Furthermore, this product contains an ultra-bright screen. The users will surely get an active response, consistent performance via the ten-finger condense touchscreen.

Nevertheless, it comes with the same design as the Dell XPS 15 such as it has the same keyboard, but it has the additional USB-C port and more giant speakers on the sides. It is slightly heavier than its previous samples, but amazingly this 17-inch notebook enough smaller than many other 15-inch notebooks.

Aesthetically, this product is exceptional and more beautiful than XPS 13 and 15. Its outer look is made up of CNC aluminum & anodized platinum silver which produces an elegant and smart look overall.

Dell XPS-17 Specifications


Undoubtedly, Dell XPS 17 (2021) comes with brilliant features that will surely mesmerize you. Here are some of the quality features.

Specially Design For Creators

Creation Edition of Dell XPS 17 (2021) offers the high and up to date size and power for video editing, gaming, and basic 3D-work. More importantly, it equipped with NVIDIA GeForce which supports professional graphic applications or 4K working. So, for any individual who is looking to have such a device that can perform video editing and rendering work then this notebook could be for you. The users can save some bucks by releasing the GTX 1650 Ti mainly for photo editing.

It also features Dell’s premier color that helps the users to get the precise level of performance. In other words, it can produce colors outside of the sRGB, but users can prevent it by utilizing the sRGB color outline. The users can also create profiles with the help of a calibrator by using the premier color, but only through the i1Display Pro of X-rite.

Security System & Ports

The system also supports security systems, ports, and unusual displays. The Dell XPS 17 is equipped with a fingerprint reader lodged in the power key that offers excellent security to the system. There is also an IR webcam for the users through which they can protest the Windows Hello, and it works the same as a fingerprint reader.

Dell supposes to add the USB-A part in their coming generations 3-Thunderbold USB-C ports, SD lock slot, and a headset jack.

Audio & Touch-Pad Quality

Same like its previous generation (XPS 15), it also featured a top-quality quad-speaker system that’s astonishingly loud. There is no doubt that its audio quality is fantastic. I listened to multiple songs on its speakers which gives me incredible joy. Any music lover who wants to hear loud songs can use this machine.

On the other hand, XPS 17 has a stylish keyboard, which is quite comforting to use. The users can work and type in the dim light as well because it holds the large and well-spaced keys with the backlighting environment. A good writer can order more than 70 words per minute without facing any issue. Amazingly, the Dell XPS 17 is outfitted with a 3.5 x 6-inch touchpad which has magnificent palm repudiation.


As earlier discussed, this product is specially designed for creative experts. For this purpose, the Dell company outfitted the notebook with 6GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics. The laptop has integrated UHD graphics as well for such time where the users aren’t doing any photo or video editing.

I enjoyed all the graphic features. This product can produce up to 110 frames-per-second at 3840 x 2400, based on my experience. According to my observation, that value is enough to outstrip the 65-fps surcharge laptop average.

Heat & Battery Span

There is an excellent thermal system present in XPS-17 that includes output fans, vapor chamber, thermal insulation, and multiple vents which offers decent cooling to the machine. The audience can run numerous heavy tasks plus Google bars as it contains a unique thermal system.

I examined a test to check the amount of heat, and the results are entirely satisfactory. The touchpad showed 80 degrees F, and the keyboard center showed the heat around 92 degrees F.

Usually, a notebook with a 4K view doesn’t survive for 8 hours. But the XPS-17 can stay up to 9 hours. The reason behind such timing is because of the effectiveness of the battery. One more important thing about this product that it comes with a 720p webcam, which can deliver an exceptional job by reproducing the precise color.

Dell XPS-17 Warranty

Dell XPS 17 comes with one-year appliances warranty with in-home and out-home services after remote confirmation.

  • It offers top-notch performance overall.
  • This machine holds a healthy battery life.
  • Amazingly, it comes with a widescreen.
  • The audio quality is astonishing.
  • There are four Thunderbolt-3 ports plus an SD card reader.
  • It could use a lot more ports.
  • The webcam quality isn’t such exceptional.